frescos environmental campaign

frescos environmental campaign

frescos environmental campaign frescos environmental campaign

​Fresco cares about the environment and tries to reduce the negative impact on it.We believe that business is one of the main mechanisms that can stop the severe consequences caused by the degradation and pollution of the global environment.That is why our goal is to ensure waste recycling and maximum involvement in cleaning-recycling activities: ¶Every day Fresco produces and sells a variety of food products, resulting in the generation of large amounts of waste.In order to eliminate the possibility of getting into the waste environment, we are permanently implementing the "Zero Waste"campaign - this campaign involves the delivery of selected fruits and vegetables and bakery products to various enterprises for reuse;Every day, only fresh oil is used in our ready meals, and it is refreshed several times a day. Therefore, used, edible oil accumulates, which is very harmful to the environment. That is why we are cooperating with a certified oil collection-processing company, which uses this oil in the production of fuel;We use only renewable, recyclable biodegradable parks in consumption and sale;We supply recycled cardboard boxes and all kinds of paper products for recycling;We carry out environmental cleaning activities;We have reduced electricity and water consumption to an optimal level to prevent misuse of natural resourcesOur activity won’t end with this and we plan to take environmental protection measures in the future. 

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