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Once selecting products for the supermarkets, “Fresco” pays much attention to the Georgian origin of products since one of the priorities of the company is to support and promote local production. We’re searching for the Georgian alternatives of the most demanded imported products.[more] Fresco greatly contributes to selling Georgian production, as almost 15 000 consumers visit our supermarkets per day. Presently, share of the local products out of the total sales is 30%. Fresco cooperates with almost all national manufacturers, including “Sante,” “Barambo,” “Zedazeni,” “Natakhtari,” “Borjomi,” “Nabeglavi, “Borjomi,” “Nabeglavi,” “Milco Food,” “TkbiliKvekana,” “Cherrie,” “Mitana,” “Leaderfood,” “Aqua Geo,” “Vake,” “Sarajishvili” and other companies.  “Fresco” welcomes small entrepreneurs as well and they can become the partners of Fresco if their production meets the standards, strictly followed and controlled by the Company. Fresco” is a Greek word meaning “fresh”, “healthy”; the same understanding is reflected in the concept of the “Fresco” chain. We provide the population with fresh, ecologically pure and natural products; that is why we prefer local products, as unlike the imported products, local products do not need long-distance transportation and have shorter terms of expiration. Fresco also promotes the Georgian production through various advertising campaigns and promo activities; it usually positions the Georgian products effectively and offers tastings.  We acknowledge that by supporting the Georgian production, we support the development of competitive environment and free market principles, including creating new working places and additional incomes, by which we strengthen and develop economy of the entire country.    

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