Announcement OF "FRESCO"

Announcement OF "FRESCO"

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Starting from February 23, 2015 supermarket chain “Fresco” offers its customers the lowest prices in Georgia on 10 most consumed products (sugar, oil, butter, sour milk, milk, eggs, chicken, spaghetti, washing powder, soap) in all its supermarkets.[more] Despite the significant devaluation of the national currency, “Fresco” continues implementation of socially oriented policy and expands list of products with 6 other products (potato, buckwheat, mixed forcemeat, oat-flakes, beans, toilet paper), which will be sold at the lowest price in Georgia starting from March 30, 10 a.m. “Fresco” aims to have happy and loyal customers, that’s why the Company does not implement one time promotional events and promises its customers that along with already existing low prices in the chain, it will offer above-mentioned 16 products in all its supermarkets with constantly low prices than elsewhere on the territory of Georgia.    

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