Pasta Carbonara

Pasta Carbonara

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​Prepare paste "Carbonara" For the preparation you can buy all the necessary ingredients in anyFresco supermarket:  ✅ Bacon ✅ Spaghetti ✅ Parmesan cheese - 100-150 gr ✅ Egg yolk - 2 pieces ✅ Cream - 200 ml ✅ Oil ✅ Salt  ✅ chopped parsley Fry chopped bacon in oil. Beat egg yolks in a bowl, mix cream, salt. Pour the prepared sauce over the bacon and stir constantly over low heat. (Do not boil) Drain the hot, cooked spaghetti, place on a baking sheet and mix well with the ingredients. Add Parmesan cheese to the prepared dish. Enjoy 

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