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Tbilisi (BPI) – she loves to say “It is easy to be busy, but difficult to be productive”. When you do the job you love, you don’t feel the difficulties business is accompanied with.[more]Our guest is Nino Absandze – Director General of “FRESCO Group” managing FRESCO since 2012.  - Generally it is not easy to be successful. When I got involved in business, I never focused on that I am a woman and this is an obstacle. I have had an aim on every stage of my life and have headed to this aim. I think that sometimes women support formation of some stereotypes about different issues. - Is it kind of limitation to have the status of “business lady”?    - Status of the business lady offers possibilities, as well as some limitations. When you are the representative of the huge company, you have to be exemplary as your decisions may influence on lots of people and business itself, thus it is a huge responsibility and you set some self limits. These limitations are the natural part of everyday life. - Tell us about how you came to FRESCO and your background before FRESCO.- Before I came to FRESCO, I had very diverse experience of working in large companies.  In 2011, I was appointed on the highest position that a woman can ever have – I became a mother and after several months, I was proposed to become the general director of FRESCO Group – new actor of retail market, having only one supermarket with huge perspective and serious development plans.It was a really interesting challenge for me, it’s been 3 years that I’ve been managing the Company, which is under continuous development. - What are your plans for the future?-  Presently, the group I manage works in two directions: Supermarket Chain Fresco, owning 6 large supermarkets in different districts of Tbilisi, with 1000 employees and the second is Developing Company, having built residential building HILLSIDE RESIDENCE at #47 Amagleba Street, Sololaki.We plan to increase the FRESCO Chain and open at least two new supermarkets in Tbilisi, until the end of 2015. We will make important steps in the field of development as well. - What advice can you give to the women, who have just stepped in business sector or aim to achieve success in business or high positions?- Set your specific goal, be self-confident, though always listen to the experienced people and work as hard as you can.  I think fortune as well plays some part in our lives, though we are still the one who plan and manage our lives, thus work and desire are the key factors for achieving one’s goals.  - You admitted that the highest position for you is motherhood. How hard is it to manage the family and business together?- I have a husband and 3 years old twins – Lile and Giorgi. Despite the fully loaded work schedule, I always keep balance between the personal life and business. I spent my free time with family and friends; positive emotions I receive from my family and friends allow me to start every single day with more courage and desire.             

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