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As it is said, true devotion is expressed in your deeds, not in words and that is why since launching FRESCO in 2012, I’ve never given interviews or have done any public announcement.  FRESCO caught interest of competitors, as well as customers, as it is the only company in the country, having operating with own investments and sources in their own supermarket facilities.For 24/7 a team of 1000 people of FRESCO serve its customers. High quality, clean environment, fresh products, 100% compliance to product safety standards, low prices, covering taxes in paying suppliers in time are the features that put the FRESCO team on front line; team which is free from nepotism or political pressure; team managed by well chosen top managers we are sincerely proud of.     Despite the success we have achieved, management and executive teams of FRESCO have lots of things to plan to cater our customers, serve the country and support any of FRESCO employees. Unfortunately, envy, improper attitude to business, unfair competition and cynical attitudes of some media representatives concerned me personally and our company. While I was personally concerned, I didn’t react or pay attention to it. It was neither first nor the last case in my business life; after one and half year ago, one of the representatives of tabloid issues, dedicated damaging article to FRESCO team and regularly attacked us as ordered by some interested individuals; we, being a business structure operating in the legal environment, tried to solve the issue via court hearings and we won, though court resolution is not executed up to now and newspaper has not yet apologized for spreading wrong, false information and the Prosecutor’s Office that we applied for criminal case, provided no action. Besides it, some other cases FRESCO applied to the court for are still pending. Last straw to the issue was absolutely obscene comment on TV show sponsored by our competitor, when one of the TV hosts, broadcasting from competitor’s supermarket expressed his negative approach to the unverified fact he read while reviewing the press issues. The host also admits that he is in one of the supermarkets of our competitor and such case is absolutely impossible to happen in this chain.    Considering the above said, I, businessmanVasil Sofromadze and Company “FRESCO” accept the challenge and announce the following:1.  Starting from 10:00 of February 23, 2015, in every single supermarket of FRESCO, on 10 (ten) key products there will be the lowest price than in any other place of Georgia. Other than having 5% FRESCO discount card, the chain offers continuously low prices throughout the country.2. In the neighborhood of the competitor chain supermarket, we will purchase a pitch of land and build FRESCO supermarket, as to illustrate the obvious difference between FRESCO and competitor’s supermarket and we do promise that we will accomplish the plan till the end of the year. 3. Anybody who doesn’t understand honest and fair competition and shall try to impede FRESCO with improper actions, FRESCO warns:Please avoid any unreasonable steps, as we shall follow the case through the legal frameworks and by our business decisions and resources, we promise that you regret your wrong deeds.   Vasil Sofromadze 16.02.2015  

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