Date: 2014-07-04 17:52:53

Supermarket chain Fresco offers a diverse range of products to its customers. At present, Fresco offers more than 25 000 products in its chain. Fresco cooperates both with foreign importers and local distribution companies and manufacturers.


We constantly try to increase the range of products and welcome any interested legal or natural entities to become the supplier of our chain.


The following are the criteria once selecting our suppliers:

  • products supplied should meet the standards and own relevant quality certificate; 
  • it is preferred the supplier to be  a VAT payer.


If you decide to become Fresco supplier, please submit the following documentation:

  •  Price list of products with distribution prices (product catalogue is desirable);
  •  legal details;


For further information please contact us at:

Tel +995 32 2 90 79 07 (110) 


Commercial (sales) Department


Grasp this opportunity to become a Fresco partner!