At present Fresco supermarkets import the products from the following foreign countries: Italy, Austria, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Once selecting the products for import, Fresco considers quality and prices of the products, as well as certification of the company.


We have world brands such as "Piacelli," "Papagena," "Meister Moullin," "Niko," "Apti," "Gino," "Pane Bisquite," "Woogie," "Mühlebach," "Pâtisserie," "Only" and "Buggie","Quickbury","Yooce".


Presently, we're mostly importing various sauces, jams, confectionary, chocolate and coffee products.


In the nearest future, we're planning to increase the assortment of the goods and add some other  interesting production.