From 2013 Supermarket chain Fresco offeres corporate sales service to legal entities; at present, FRESCO cooperates with 500 large companies. Fresco runs a wide corporate service network. We serve the government as well as private companies, restaurants, bars, hotels, ministries, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, maternal houses and other institutions. 


Our advantages are obvious: by cooperating with Fresco, you find sustainable and trustful partner that takes care of you, saves your time, energy and gives you important financial benefits:


  • Free currier service                                               
  • Flexible payment methods
  • Providing all necessary documents
  • Personal manager service


All these make Fresco corporate sale really different and irreplaceable.


Any legal entity wishing to receive ordered products at the office can use this service. It is very simple to get the service:


  • Customer contacts us and concludes the contract with Fresco, regulating payment and service terms.
  • After concluding the contract, corporate sales manager receives the order from the customer via e-mail or telephone.
  • Forms the order and delivers the products to the customer within 24 hours via courier.  


A representative of any organization can do purchases at corporate cash-desk till 22:00 and get corresponding documentation within 10 minutes. 


We are doing our best to meet your expectations and provide you with full comfort. 


If interested, feel free to contact us at: 599 57 51 55, 2 907 907