Supermarket chain “Fresco” entered Georgian market in 2012 and currently owns 8 supermarkets in Varketili, Mukhiani, Ortachala, Saburtalo, Chughureti, Sanzona, Isani and Gldani. 



Supermarket chain “Fresco” offers its customers comfortable environment and 24/7 quality service.


“Fresco” supermarkets have diverse range of products. Customers are offered an opportunity to buy desired products in one space. “Fresco” proffers local and imported, exclusive produce from different European countries, quality of which is always controlled by “Fresco”.  “Fresco” is a Greek word meaning “fresh”, “healthy”; the same understanding is reflected in the concept of the “Fresco” chain.


Supermarket has constructed a fully comfortable environment for its customers. Supermarkets chain “Fresco” has Thone (Georgian bread bakery), kitchen, self-service café, children’s corner, access to wi-fi Internet. In order to ensure convenient and safe parking, “Fresco” supermarkets are accompanied with underground and outdoor parking lots.


The Supermarket space houses a drugstore, a bank, pay boxes, ATM etc. With this approach “Fresco” tries to cater all the necessities of an individual within one space.


 “Fresco” is the only chain in Georgia that operates on its own land and facilities, thus supporting the development of not only the retail but also of construction business in Georgia.


Each “Fresco” facility stands out with its different architecture; these are not typical supermarket constructions and complement our capital by changing the sceneries of Tbilisi to the better.


It’s worth emphasizing, that “Fresco” is the only chain in Georgia offering customers same prices in all supermarkets despite the districts and locations.  Anyone from any social stratum gets the same type of service with the standard quality in all our supermarkets. 


“Fresco” constantly cares for the development and improvement of its employees; it tries to enhance their qualifications and supports the development of their career within the company by means of different trainings, evaluations and bonus systems.


Fresco – the quality of your life!